Atelier [hand]work



The process of creation is better controlled and understood if technical skills are completely owned. The acquisition of the method allows to ease the procedure of invention, to set up and smooth a better dialogue with technical personnel.

This is the reason why I decided to measure my potentiality by an enriching apprenticeship in a Venetian Atelier, under the direction of a real Maestro.


Maestro is an Italian word that recollect feelings of respect, knowledge and wisdom.

In charming Venetian Ateliers, my Maestri [Masters] are still working in the artisanal and artistic environment.

In the sartorial Atelier the “Maestro” is the only person in the whole city that is allowed to retouch Dior’s gowns.

In the traditional Xilographic Printing Atelier, the two “Maestre” work simbiotically to decorate meters and meters of velvet and silk, retrieving ancient techniques with their peculiar élan.